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DTC Strategy for B2B Growth
By taking advantage of ecommerce tactics typically used for direct-to-consumer sales, ZENS gained broad exposure to B2B buyers. The brand also enjoyed an improved perception and higher level of trust due to their position and messaging in the market. This combination led its growth into international markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The challenge: Taking a successful domestic brand and penetrate overseas consumers in an niche market that is highly competitive and insular.

Our solution: We designed a strategy to implement several branding tactics typically used in in direct-to-consumer brand to gain wider exposure to b2b buyers in major retailer and outlets.

The recent improvements in software and marketing technology for ecommerce, marketers are better able to bridge the gap between B2C and B2B growth, providing a chance to integrate marketing and sales in ways that were previously limited.

Through online media and social channels, our efforts at digital amplification allowed us to reach both buyers and consumer in a two-pronged approach. Increased awareness brought in both new consumers and new buyers.

Having already built a strong brand in their domestic market, ZENS was poised to capture opportunities for overseas growth, we were able to create a new brand experience to match the habits and expectations of European and North American consumers.

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DTC Strategy for B2B Growth

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