Firm Abs

Minimal elements, maximum effect
The challenge was to build a Shopify Store with minimal elements to create a high-end fashion brand identity in the sportswear space.

The challenge: Create a website aesthetic to matches both the sophistication of a fashion brand with the edge of a sports brand.

Our solution: We took a minimalist design approach with ample whitespace to give a sense of luxury to the brand while using content to capture the sporty edge of the products.

The design and copywriting needed for minimalist websites requires precision and clarity. It creates an atmosphere of luxury store rather than a commodities market familiar in big box retail websites and ecommerce platforms.

First impressions are everything when building a website for clothing. The customer has to immediately identify with the website persona as well as capture trust cues to keep browsing. Many websites fail by relying only on photos of beautiful/handsome fashion models – which is no minor mistake.

Taking inspiration from brands out of Europe and the UK, we crafted the FIRMSABS site to instantly grab the attention of all traffic, not only on the homepage, but on any page where a visitor might enter though advertising and marketing channels. This increases the trustworthiness and allows visitors to relax and browse at leisure – as they would expect from such a high end fashion atmosphere.

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Minimal elements, maximum effect

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