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Pumped up marketing
When launching a website during the lockdown, Ativafit had to act fast. Home fitness was blowing up, and customers were knocking at the door. We implemented an agile strategy that led to over a million dollars in sales within 6 months, opening the doors to opportunities in international markets.

Everyone talks about how fast things move in ecommerce, but 2020 was different. When everything sped up during, it was all at once. No one could have expected it.

Supply chains weren’t prepared. Inventories ran out, and shipping was backed up. It was a test for every company. This wasn’t the move fast and break things kind of atmosphere, it was more like move fast or get run over.

We implemented an agile marketing strategy so we could focus resources precisely where needed at the exact right time. This gave us a firm footing in the beginning: it put us in the position necessary to move forward and move fast.

The 5-point Agile Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Retention
  • Service & Shipping
  • Pumped Up Branding
  • High Impact Advertising
  • Growth Marketing

Each point in the strategy gave laser focus on one area for a set amount of time. We plans, executed and optimized, and each point build creditability in the brand and opened doors to more opportunities and partnerships. The unique approach of the agile method also gave each team greater control and clarity in their growth path.

We hit 1 million dollars in sales in just under 6 months, before the Christmas season was in full swing, and the momentum built helped drive greater traffic and sales during the holiday. And it was all possible because all teams worked together with clear goals.

With the strength of a solid foundation, Ativafit has a trajectory of incredible growth in the coming year.

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Pumped up marketing

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